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Happy anniversary!

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Today is our anniversary, I just wanna say: Happy anniversary, baby! No matter what, you were always there for me, and makes me cheerful and happy. love you!

P.S: 在这里要对各位朋友说声大大的抱歉,前段时间我实在无法做甜点和更新,让你们苦等真的很抱歉,以后的一段日子里也许会有更新,但不可能太多,想看更新的同学,一个月来一次就好了,每次让你们白跑我也过意不去。还有多谢各位的关心,谢谢你们记挂着我!

Written by Faye

October 24, 2009 at 11:01 am

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